Sunday, 16 June 2013

Trend report: high-waisted shorts

Hello! :)
One of my fave trends this summer is definitely this one: very short and high-waisted shorts. They look extremely good, they can be combined in a lot of ways and for various ocasions, they make your legs look longer and if your tummy isn't flat, they can hide this. Awesome!
Here's me today, wearing classy, black, vintage high-waisted shorts:
And below you have more inspiring images:

 This type of shorts or pants look awesome with cropped tops!

I personally love this trend! Try your own version of high-waisted-shorts outfit! I'm sure you're gonna love it!
Thanks for reading, see you soon!
Hugs x


  1. Esti prrrrrrrea frumoasa! lyyyy honey :*

    1. idk who u are, but ly too! :*

    2. Te las sa te gandesti pana maine ;;)

    3. Lol parcă aş avea 5000 de oameni care-mi spun 'ly honey'. Sunt o idioată x


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