Saturday, 8 June 2013

Life lately: random photos

I'm the laziest person I know. Seriously. Now I finally finished with exams and stuff, so I'll start posting again.
I have for you some random photos with what I've done lately. I'm really glad is summer again! Just need to have this rain gone and I'm back in business!

First of all, as you know (or as you don't), I moved again, so I spent a lot of my time decorating :D
At the middle of May, one of my classmates, and also best friends (hello Ali), turned 18, so I had fun at her birthday party
The rest of May was boring. I've spent my free time going out, running, sleeping, or taking photos.
Then I realized I have only one more year of high school left. My older school mates graduated, the school is boring and empty right now, so I'm trying to spend more time with my awesome classmates (you have a part of them below), cause I know I'll miss them a looot.

(hugs to the awesome lad above)

The first day of summer was a busy one. I had an awesome activity for kids with my people from Şansa 2010

Later that day, I had an exhibition with my photo club:
 One of my friends, Răzvan, was one of the guests. He's an awesome singer, you really have to check his YouTube channel !
This month I've been with my photo club on the roof of the hotel in our town, and took some awesome pictures !
 Below: Cousin Itt - modern version, haha.

Finally, this is the end of the longest post you've probably seen. 
Lots of thanks to all the people that took these photos or helped at the activities shown above! 
Thanks for reading my blog & for 6.000 views!

Hugs x


  1. The link to Razvan's facebook page is not available until he finish the exams...
    So, anyone who is interested to listen him singing, can find him on youtoube, by searching "one day cover acoustic Van Nick", or accessing the link below:

    Enjoy, like, share and promote!

  2. ....and nice blog, Anca, I like it! :*

    1. Thank you a lot, dear teacher !

  3. You changed the description under the second photo of you. Why's that? :(

    1. wow, somebody actually noticed :))'s not 'him' anymore :)


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