Thursday, 21 June 2012

Going maxi

These days I had to go with my little sister to her primary school ending party, but I really was not in mood to dress fancy or anything. I think this skirt literally has my age, but I liked it and my mom said I can keep it. And that's what I did!
I might have went a bit to far with the blue, but that's not too bad. Right?
P.S.: Ignore my hair, the wind is guilty 
Leonardo gum shoes/ H&M T-shirt

Sleep well!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Fake Tattoo on!

The tattoos I was telling you about in a previous post arrived, I couldn't wait to put one on! I have for you some nice photos with this one below:

I just love it!
See u!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Sweet peach

I finally managed to fix my camera (I mean to find a proper charger), so things are now back to normal. Also, you will see an improvement at my photos, I promise.
So, here`s a sweet and comfy outfit for you that I wore during an ordinary school day.


Carfetti peach blouse/ H&M singlet/ Noblesse bag

Xoxo <3

Monday, 4 June 2012

Fake Tattoos

I have always wanted a tattoo, but I have to wait until I can have a real one. So these fake tattoos I've found seem to be a great option!
Fake tattoos are now very popular, are long lasting (5-10 days), non-toxic (so safe even for children!) and are great accesories.
Sounds good, huh?
If you want to try one, you just have to take a look here and choose your favorite model.

I admit that I am really excited to try them, because they can actually be a real help if you are not sure to either get a tattoo or not. So hopefully I'll be back soon with a review!

Take care everyone!
Xoxo <3

*many thanks to Fake Tattoos for sponsoring this post