Thursday, 20 June 2013

Youth PhotoVideo Tek: new experiences

Yesterday I had an amazing time with the Youth PhotoVideo Tek project, held by the Asirys volunteering association. Together with some of my mates from the photo club, we've been guides for young (well, older than us, but still young) photographers from Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Estonia, Colombia, Poland and also Romania. They took photos around my hometown, and they will also have an exhibition in Iaşi, on Sunday. It was a great experience to meet people from so many countries and to find out more about them & their lives. Here you have some of the photos, and I'll be back soon with more links, to share their amazing work with you.

Here you have the links to check out their work: Vivi's photosBogdan Frentescu's photosCarlos' photosSUPER TINERI's photos
Credits for the photos to all the people involved in this project!
Stay tuned!
Hugs x

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Trend report: high-waisted shorts

Hello! :)
One of my fave trends this summer is definitely this one: very short and high-waisted shorts. They look extremely good, they can be combined in a lot of ways and for various ocasions, they make your legs look longer and if your tummy isn't flat, they can hide this. Awesome!
Here's me today, wearing classy, black, vintage high-waisted shorts:
And below you have more inspiring images:

 This type of shorts or pants look awesome with cropped tops!

I personally love this trend! Try your own version of high-waisted-shorts outfit! I'm sure you're gonna love it!
Thanks for reading, see you soon!
Hugs x

Summer nights

Tonight I was in mood for a walk in the summer air, and I took some snaps for you. I was not to happy with the way my hair looks, but I guess we can get over that.

And here's my nail-polish-painted phone, already gone to the 7th try! 
 The sunset was stunning!

Have a wonderful night!
Hugs x

Friday, 14 June 2013

11 A

Hello everyone!
On Wednesday I had an amaaaazing time with my classmates. We've been on a mini trip around our region, visited some cool places, and had lots of fun. How my blog also became a lifestyle blog, not only a fashion one (and I love it like this), I'll share with you all the important things that will happen to me. Thank you lots for all your support and kind words, really means so much!
Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling so well, so my face sucks. But we had a great time and this is the only thing that matters!

Above we were at the Miclăușeni Monastery, an extremely beautiful and quiet place, and below we were visiting the Sturdza Castle.

"Let's all put our hands in the air and don't tell Anca." So sweet, thank you!

(this means XI A aka our grade and letter in Roman numerals, by the way)
This photo taken at the "Al. I. Cuza" Palace turned to be my favorite one!
Thanks to all the people in these photos for such a wonderful day! Love you all lots!
And thank you for reading!
See you soon!
Hugs x

Thursday, 13 June 2013

DIY: Sleeveless shirt

Hello again!
I came with a very simple DIY project that I personally love. A few days ago I found this very cute shirt. I loved the pattern, but it was for men, and also the size XXL! But with just some simple cuts I made a very cute and feminine shirt. Here's how:
You will need:
- an XXL sized shirt
- scissors

1. I took the shirt and I streched it on a plain surface, to cut it right.

 2. Using a pair of scissors, I cut down the sleeves from their stitch.

3. I put it on! At the back I bent it under, and in the front I knotted it like a cowgirl shirt.

Tell me if you like it/don't like it, or if you're gonna give my idea a try!
Have a great evening!
Hugs x

La belle epoque

I mean hi :D
A few days ago I had an activity, together with my classmates, meant to save a very old palace in our town (The Cantacuzino Palace, built between 1640-1650). We've been dressed really nice, and we shared flyers to people. I really loved doing this!

Here's me taking a photo of the palace. It looks awful, unfortunately, and I'd love to see this place fixed, how it should be!
 And here are the photos from our activity:

 Christine and Florin below :D I love this photo !

 And here's the palace, behind us :
Keep your fingers crossed for us, to save this awesome place!
Thank you for your time!
Hugs x

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Life lately: random photos

I'm the laziest person I know. Seriously. Now I finally finished with exams and stuff, so I'll start posting again.
I have for you some random photos with what I've done lately. I'm really glad is summer again! Just need to have this rain gone and I'm back in business!

First of all, as you know (or as you don't), I moved again, so I spent a lot of my time decorating :D
At the middle of May, one of my classmates, and also best friends (hello Ali), turned 18, so I had fun at her birthday party
The rest of May was boring. I've spent my free time going out, running, sleeping, or taking photos.
Then I realized I have only one more year of high school left. My older school mates graduated, the school is boring and empty right now, so I'm trying to spend more time with my awesome classmates (you have a part of them below), cause I know I'll miss them a looot.

(hugs to the awesome lad above)

The first day of summer was a busy one. I had an awesome activity for kids with my people from Şansa 2010

Later that day, I had an exhibition with my photo club:
 One of my friends, Răzvan, was one of the guests. He's an awesome singer, you really have to check his YouTube channel !
This month I've been with my photo club on the roof of the hotel in our town, and took some awesome pictures !
 Below: Cousin Itt - modern version, haha.

Finally, this is the end of the longest post you've probably seen. 
Lots of thanks to all the people that took these photos or helped at the activities shown above! 
Thanks for reading my blog & for 6.000 views!

Hugs x