Friday, 3 May 2013

Sun brings changes

Good morning (or evening, or night, depending where in the world are you :D )!
Now I can finally say that summer is here. It is still spring time technically, but every day we have like 30 degrees Celsius, so you can understand why I wore the outfit below at school this week.
Oh, and..yes, about the changes brought by the sun: I dyed my hair! I'm not sure what is the name of the color my hair has, but I used 2 boxes of really light blonde, one of honey blonde, and after all these one box of honey brown for my roots, because they got way too blonde! Cool. I should probably stop messing around with my hair. I should.
P.S: My hair in his natural shape again. Kinda better than in the last post.

Photos taken, of course, by my dear Christine P.
All the pieces of this outfit are just black basic items, the necklace is handmade (self-made, actually), my bracelets are really random, and the shoes..well, now I realize you can't see them in the photos. A pair of black boots, anyway. Sorry for that!

See you, probably after Easter (which is this weekend, by the way)!
Hugs x

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Chill day

Hello again!
Because I was away of the blog these days, I decided to post twice today. It's been a while since we (well, actually Christine) took these photos, while we were out for a walk and some shopping. Don't get scared or something, my hair was in his natural shape here. Awful.

 The photo below freaks me out a bit, but I also think it's kinda cute. Weird. And this girl has some awesome eyes that really deserve to be shown-off. 
New Age jacket/ Pimkie leggins

Hope you all had a lovely day, see you soon!
Hugs x

Forgotten photos

Do we all agree that finding great but not-so-actual photos that you forgot to share is a really frustrating thing?
Yes, that's really the main purpose of this random post. This photo shooting with Christine from the winter turned out lovely, and you can not love this over-sized sweater (that I probably wore because Harry Styles' birthday was close to the date when we took the photos; but again, probably, nobody knows). The light was insanely good, so I'll let you enjoy the shots.

I'll be back with another post, later today.
Hugs x