Friday, 25 May 2012


I am back with today`s outfit! This place was really hard to climb with those shoes, so I guess that's where the title comes from (the only thing I ruined was the title though, but you can please pretend you haven't noticed).
It's been a while since I've last posted something, and I guess that's why I find this post acceptable. So in case you missed my face, here I am.

Mim cardigan/ Noblesse bag

And following my talent to end posts very quick and abrupt... see you soon!
Xoxo <3

DIY idea

Sorry for my absence, but these days I was just not in mood to take photos. Of course, that might me related to the fact that I have no idea where I put the charger for my camera, but well.. I was just saying.
That being said, I will just leave this lovely A beautiful mess DIY idea, just in case you're feeling crafty today.

DIY : Heart sweater

More details & a lot of awesome projects here!
Xoxo <3

Sunday, 6 May 2012


I recently found through my clothes a little white dotted dress that I got as a present from my grandpa when I was around 8 (I think). I still liked it as much as I did back then, but it was (obviously) not fitting me anymore.
What I did, then, was cutting the top part, and that's how I got this cute skirt. I really just tried to put up this outfit just to show you this cutie, so here you have some photos.
I am also going to share this weird photo with you just because I am really proud of myself for climbing my grandma's roof (not a very stylish move, I know, but the feeling was amazing). Don't mind the boring clothes please, haha.
Have a lovely day, everyone!
Xoxo <3