Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine's Day: ootd & snapshots

Happy February 14th, my dear readers! 
No matter if you have a Valentine or not, I really hope you had an amazing day! Mine was like that, for sure. We have a lot of activities inside our school on Valentine's day. This week we had the opportunity to send anonymous (or not) letters to those we love (put them in an urn, actually), and Cupid came today and gave us the letters. Also, crafting-obsessed me made some cute stuff, and then put them randomly on my school walls.

 (my fab classmates)
 (the kids from room 25 did this, yay)

(got my letters too, in the end, and a cuuute lollipop from Cupid)
Stradivarius coat & dress / Clockhouse cropped top / H&M cardigan / Bluespirit earrings / Pull&Bear ring / Leonardo shoes 

Later that day, me and Christine went to play bowling (for the first time for me), and in the evening me and my boy went out for dinner (snapshots below).

Thanks a lot to Christine P. for taking the photos and thanks a lot to you for reading my blog! I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Trend report: simple beanies

Hello, my lovelies!
Today I have for you a trend report post, about one of my favourite garments. I love wearing beanies, but my head is too big and my hair is too much, and they are slipping off aaall the time. I personally like labeled beanies, like those that can be found on, or at local & vintage stores in every corner of the world.
Beanies nowadays are definitely not used just to keep you warm, or to complete a casual look, so below you have a selection of my favorite and super stylish outfits including simple beanies.

Many thanks to one of my favorites tumblr blogs, The Street Style, for all the awesome pictures you can see above. I hope these outfits inspired you!
Thank you for reading COAT!

Monday, 3 February 2014

Throwback to January: Vlad's 18th birthday party

Hello everyone!
Because I could not keep you up with posting regularly in the past few weeks, here you have a throwback. Below you can see pictures from my boyfriend's 18th birthday party, that took place on January 3rd. Enjoy!

Maybe a short description below each photo would've been useful, but I admit that I'm too lazy to think at something to write there. It was really hard for me to choose a few photos from 600, but here you have them. Thank you a lot for reading my blog! See you soon with a trend report!