Monday, 3 December 2012

Hello, December!

Helloooo, my lovelies!
I sincerely can't believe December is here already! Today I saw the first snow of the year and it was amazing. And there are just 21 days left until Christmaaaaaas! I can't wait!
I really, really want to visit London this Christmas, I'm just in love with that city, but I know I'm asking too much from Santa :( Wishes come true if you really want them to though, so I'll just keep hoping. But I wrote too much already, let's see some Decemberish photos to get you in the mood.

Here are some really, really cute items for this season!
First, winter themed leggings. I'm just in love, I really have to purchase a pair of those this winter.
Then we have knits (of course)!
...winter themed sweaters...
...aaand some more knits!

Oh, and to end this post...a very, very cute Christmas tag .

Have a great night everyone! Hugs, see you soon! x

Thursday, 1 November 2012


Hi people!
I can't believe November already came and it's soooo cold outside.
I don't actually have an outfit post today. Like I promised yesterday, I have photos with my new hair.
I really developed some sort of crush on ombre hair recently, so I just gave it a try and dyed my hair. It turned really cute considering the fact that I did it myself (don't judge me, haha).

And here's just a cute snap of what I'm wearing in the photos above. Knits are definitely a must have this season.
See you soon!
Have a great month!

Hugs x

Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Hello everybody!
Just so you know, I am not actually leaving anywhere, but the leaves seem to be doing that. Autumn is a really, really pretty season, so I found some time to go to my favorite spot in town to take some photos. I had the surprise to actually find a really cute landscape (kind of), so I love how these shots turned out.
I really just borrowed (stole) this little one from my grandma. Isn't it cute?

Going on 'simple but (not very) effective' this time, haha.

Have a great November, everyone!
Stay tuned! Photos with my new hair coming very soon!

Hugs x
P.S. :Not a very big Halloween fan myself, but a really happy one for those celebrating!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

DIY : Cute shirt

I know. This summer I was completely off. Now I'm finally back, with (kind of) fresh forces and a new DIY idea for today: 

So the season changed and, as always, I got bored of my clothes. I had this plain and kind of boring denim shirt around, and adding little details seemed to be a good way to give it a fresh look (I think I used the word 'fresh' too much in this post..) Ok.
So, for this cute vintage shirt, you will need:
It's actually very simple. You just have to sew the material on the collar.

Then do the same thing with the head of the sleeves.
I put material on both parts of the sleeve, to be sure it will look ok if it laps.
And that's all. This is the final result. I love it!

Hope you liked my idea! See you soon!
Hugs x

Thursday, 12 July 2012

HB hun!

Today I want ot start the post with a biiig happy birthday for a very special person in my life, my BFF Anna, who is turning 17!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, hun! I love you! x
This morning I just sneaked in her bed and woke her up, and her reaction was really priceless.

I cooked this little thing! Proud me!
Also, I have for you some photos with the outfit.
H&M T-shirt/ Noblesse bag

Have a nice day!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Going maxi

These days I had to go with my little sister to her primary school ending party, but I really was not in mood to dress fancy or anything. I think this skirt literally has my age, but I liked it and my mom said I can keep it. And that's what I did!
I might have went a bit to far with the blue, but that's not too bad. Right?
P.S.: Ignore my hair, the wind is guilty 
Leonardo gum shoes/ H&M T-shirt

Sleep well!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Fake Tattoo on!

The tattoos I was telling you about in a previous post arrived, I couldn't wait to put one on! I have for you some nice photos with this one below:

I just love it!
See u!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Sweet peach

I finally managed to fix my camera (I mean to find a proper charger), so things are now back to normal. Also, you will see an improvement at my photos, I promise.
So, here`s a sweet and comfy outfit for you that I wore during an ordinary school day.


Carfetti peach blouse/ H&M singlet/ Noblesse bag

Xoxo <3

Monday, 4 June 2012

Fake Tattoos

I have always wanted a tattoo, but I have to wait until I can have a real one. So these fake tattoos I've found seem to be a great option!
Fake tattoos are now very popular, are long lasting (5-10 days), non-toxic (so safe even for children!) and are great accesories.
Sounds good, huh?
If you want to try one, you just have to take a look here and choose your favorite model.

I admit that I am really excited to try them, because they can actually be a real help if you are not sure to either get a tattoo or not. So hopefully I'll be back soon with a review!

Take care everyone!
Xoxo <3

*many thanks to Fake Tattoos for sponsoring this post

Friday, 25 May 2012


I am back with today`s outfit! This place was really hard to climb with those shoes, so I guess that's where the title comes from (the only thing I ruined was the title though, but you can please pretend you haven't noticed).
It's been a while since I've last posted something, and I guess that's why I find this post acceptable. So in case you missed my face, here I am.

Mim cardigan/ Noblesse bag

And following my talent to end posts very quick and abrupt... see you soon!
Xoxo <3

DIY idea

Sorry for my absence, but these days I was just not in mood to take photos. Of course, that might me related to the fact that I have no idea where I put the charger for my camera, but well.. I was just saying.
That being said, I will just leave this lovely A beautiful mess DIY idea, just in case you're feeling crafty today.

DIY : Heart sweater

More details & a lot of awesome projects here!
Xoxo <3