Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Hi there!
I hope everyone's enjoying this new year and I wish you all a great February!

I was kind of unsure about posting these photos taken a while ago or not, because my hair in a bun is not really my favorite hairstyle (I mean, it looked nice in the mirror, but when taking the photos... I guess we all know the story, haha). But how the wind has gone absolutely craaaazy in the last few days and I'm scared to go outside and snap some prettier ones, here I am showing you my lazy layered outfit. 

Forever in love with photos of details

Converse shoes/Bershka jeans/Atmosphere backpack/Tally Weijl orange tee/X-Mail black sweater/Vlad's XSide knitted hoodie (boyfriend's clothes ftw)/Pull&Bear jacket

Tip: don't ever waste a sunny day while in UK (lol)
Cutest 'thank you's to Domie for snapping these & thanks a lot to you for passing by!