Thursday, 13 June 2013

DIY: Sleeveless shirt

Hello again!
I came with a very simple DIY project that I personally love. A few days ago I found this very cute shirt. I loved the pattern, but it was for men, and also the size XXL! But with just some simple cuts I made a very cute and feminine shirt. Here's how:
You will need:
- an XXL sized shirt
- scissors

1. I took the shirt and I streched it on a plain surface, to cut it right.

 2. Using a pair of scissors, I cut down the sleeves from their stitch.

3. I put it on! At the back I bent it under, and in the front I knotted it like a cowgirl shirt.

Tell me if you like it/don't like it, or if you're gonna give my idea a try!
Have a great evening!
Hugs x


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