Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Home inspiration for autumn

Happy Wednesday, everyone!
A very random way of saying hi, I know, but every Wednesday deserves to be happy, right?

The rain that has been pouring down for ages and the tiny bit of free time that I've got made me come here, and I can't say no to a good interior design post. Especially a fall-themed one. The atmosphere is magical!
I've been searching and searching all over Tumblr and Pinterest, and I got here a few ideas for how to bring the warm and cozy feeling into your homes. Or just photos that are worth watching. Or good wallpapers. You decide.
Fall colours are the best to be used in your home during this time of the year. Blankets, bedding, rugs and other tiny accessories are the best!
If you have a chimney, let me tell you that I already love your house. If not, use candles! I love candles all year long, but there are some really nice autumn-special ones that can't be missed.

Leaves, cones, pumpkins and fairy lights are just as awesome. Just use your imagination!

Decorating your front door, porch or yard gives nothing but extra points (or extra anything-else you like). Look how gorgeous these fall wreaths are!
Oh, and for extra extra points... just bake some fall goodies. The smell in your home will be, again, magical!

Enjoy October, my dear friends!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Hi there!
I hope everyone's enjoying this new year and I wish you all a great February!

I was kind of unsure about posting these photos taken a while ago or not, because my hair in a bun is not really my favorite hairstyle (I mean, it looked nice in the mirror, but when taking the photos... I guess we all know the story, haha). But how the wind has gone absolutely craaaazy in the last few days and I'm scared to go outside and snap some prettier ones, here I am showing you my lazy layered outfit. 

Forever in love with photos of details

Converse shoes/Bershka jeans/Atmosphere backpack/Tally Weijl orange tee/X-Mail black sweater/Vlad's XSide knitted hoodie (boyfriend's clothes ftw)/Pull&Bear jacket

Tip: don't ever waste a sunny day while in UK (lol)
Cutest 'thank you's to Domie for snapping these & thanks a lot to you for passing by!


Friday, 22 January 2016

Away from the cold

Hello there!
I hope everyone's year started great! Mine surely did, and I have to admit that being (now a bit over) 20 feels really good! And kinda old, but good.
As I was saying, even if I still find it really hard being away from my loved ones, being away from the temperatures of Romania's January doesn't bother me. My lovely flatmate Domie snapped these a few days ago, so here I am sharing some sun with you.
By the way, how is the grass here so green and pretty all year long?!?  

Warm and pretty, but I definitely still needed these also pretty gloves after a while

 Here is how I got my hair looking like this!
And no, I did not forget to zip my shoes (as everyone seems to be noticing), I just like to wear them that way
H&M boots/Bershka jeans/Stradivarius coat

Have a great weekend, everyone!