Sunday, 1 March 2015

Spring inspo

Hello everyone!
The february-march time of the year is the worst in my opinion, because I just can`t stand the crazy weather at all. I`m really trying to get the best of these two months anyway, and I`m going to start this with some spring inspo for your own spaces. 
I warn you that I am quite o...verattached (haha) to white walls, so get ready for that.

The photo below is probably my favourite of them all. It combines so well the pure, white space, with lovely plants and colourful decorations, and the blanket/pillows look incredibly cozy.

I love blankets. Really. Blankets are nice.

Let the sun in. Decorate. Redecorate. Fill things with love and don`t be afraid to change what you don`t like. Be happy!
And have a wonderful spring!
See you! Hugs and kisses!

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