Friday, 27 March 2015


I would like to apologise for the offtopic post but I do feel that this has a place on my blog. I kindly ask you to quit reading this now if you are not interested.

"Why are you listening to that?"
"You know you are wasting your time, right?"
”How can you like that?”

I got this kind of questions every day. I am still getting them. Random people, friends, classmates, they were all making me feel bad and guilty for simply liking a thing that they do not like and listen to a kind of music that they do not fancy. They have never even tried to find out what that thing REALLY is about, but they are hating on it simply because everyone does. You are not interested? Ignore it. Right now I honestly feel that I need to explain and to highlight some things to certain people, that I had enough, and that's why this post came up. The thing is that, no matter how strong we are and how big our capacity to make it on our own is, we will always have our breakdowns and moments when we will need someone or something to help us get through. Some choose to drink, to smoke, and that's okay apparently. In one of those moments I chose a boyband to be my support. These five human beings below. That was not okay, apparently. Why?

People need to understand that we all have the right to make our own choices, choose our own happiness sources and that you don't have the right to judge things that are not affecting your life in any way.
If you don't understand "why" or "how" people do something, either ask or mind your own life. Making one feeling bad for being happy it is not okay. 
As human beings, we get attached to various things. We all know life well enough to know that you can't count on things or people staying around or standing still, no matter how much you want them to. And when something like this happens, no matter if it is about their hamster dying, their favourite TV series ending, their favourite blanket forgotten in the train or their best friend moving far away, make sure that you either give them an "it will be fine" hug or shut up if they are actually affected by it. Let them cry their hearts out, express themselves however they think it's right and make sure you are respectful, no matter how stupid the reason is to you.

Respect people's choices. Please. And thank you!

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