Sunday, 25 January 2015

Meteor shower

Here I am again. And the title of this post is perfect to make you understand how my thoughts are going around into my head right now. I really needed to share this in some way in order to be able to sleep tonight, and the option of writing this post was my first choice (well, the second; but the first one is actually taking a shower right now, haha). 
I don`t know if this is only happening to me, but sometimes I am just scared of what is going to come in the next few years and I just sit here thinking about random stuff for hours. And this, plus the fact that today was full of little random disappointments got my mood really low and got me feeling quite alone. Or lonely. Or maybe both. But writing always helps. You have no idea how much I want some years to go, and to find myself reading this with a big part of my life figured out. At the moment, I can only trust myself and work hard, I guess. If you are sharing my feelings right now, do the same thing. Make your goals clear, use every resource you have around and appreciate everything and everyone who`s making your days better. Be thankful for everything!
This being said, I feel way better. I guess this counts as a confession, right? Haha. If you made your way here and you actually read this, thank you a lot! Much love!

P.S.: reminder to myself to actually stare (literally, like... I don`t want to miss a thing) at a real meteor shower one day; I always miss those out. Have you ever seen one?

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