Monday, 12 January 2015

Birthday girl

Hi guys!
Another year passed for me today, and even if being 19 is a bit overwhelming, it also feels great. I am really thankful for all the things I have done, received and achieved so far, and I can`t wait to share more with you (I need your fingers crossed this year! Big challenges are coming!)
I had a great birthday, probably the best so far, this meaning that I spent my day laughing, receiving surprise birthday cakes at my door in the morning, cooking and watching cartoons with my lovely boyfriend, getting a lot of beautiful wishes and eating pizza. And I was really happy :) 
I would have loved to have a more consistent post (I miss outfit posts so bad), but for now I`ll just go with some snapshots from my phone (of course I`m showing off my gifts, I mean...who would not?).

Also, today COAT turns 3! How crazy is that?!
Thanks to everyone who made my day better! I am really blessed for all the great people in my life, for all the gifts and for a great birthday! All the best for you all!

See you with the next post!


  1. <3 Lovely!
    Of course you miss the outfit posts, I am not there anymore to take you nice photos:))
    Maany hugs and kisses! <3

    1. I knooow, right? You were always my hero <3 :)) xoxooo


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