Monday, 4 March 2013

Hey, sky sister

I'm sooo happy! Spring is heeere! Today the sky was so blue, that I wore a blue blouse to be matchy, ha ha. I guess you already know how much I've been complaining about winter in my last posts, so you can understand my excitement to see the sun.

Noblesse bag/ H&M top/ Meli Melo earrings

And here's a photo with my first tattoo! I love tattoos, and I am really happy I finally have one! (Not the best photo below, because it's really still healing, but whatever). And the fact that it's a matching tattoo with my best friend, for our 12th anniversary, makes it even more special :D
Photos and make-up by my lovely friend Christine P.
Have a great week! See you soon!
Hugs x


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