Sunday, 24 March 2013

Day 3 : Czech Republic, Germany, France

I'm back with the 3rd trip post. We spent the night at Dalimil Hotel, in Prague. I can't say that I actually liked the hotel, it was ok, but a bit too old-fashioned for me (and also cold during the night). It was good in the end, though, especially because we had a lot of fun.

Sandwich photo below :D
Next up it was Germany. We had a quick stop in Waidhaus (we came back in Germany 2 days later, post coming), and then we went straight to France. But this 'quick stop' gave us enough time to take photos, of course, haha.
 Loved the number our bus had, lol.
 Christine P. & I below :)

Hi there, chocolate milk!
 And the main destination, Strasbourg, France.

 The Strasbourg Cathedral de Notre-Dame above is one of the most beautiful buildings I've ever seen, and I guarantee you will be impressed if you ever get around! And below, even though it was sunny when we arrived, we received a white welcome!

Definitely an awesome place! You should visit Strasbourg if you didn't already.

Soon : photos from the European Parliament!
Stay tuned!
Hugs x

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