Saturday, 23 March 2013

Day 2 : Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic

Good morning (afternoon, actually, but somebody here just woke up)!
Time for the second post!
After spending the night in Hungary, we packed quickly and moved to our next destination: Czech Republic. We also had a quick stop in Slovakia, near Bratislava. Really cool places to visit, but a spring jacket was definitely a wrong choice: I got frozen. And I mean really, really frozen.

Below you have a photo in my hotel room at Holiday Inn, near Budapest. Lovely hotel, I can say it was my fave one this trip and I definitely recommend it.
Having fun with Christine:

Some quick snaps form Slovakia below 

 And, finally, some photos from the center of Prague. Really cool place if you are interested in great old architecture. We mainly visited The Old Town Square, the Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge and a few others.
This was my hotel room view:

 We had fun at the hotel that night :D
Thanks for the photos to Christine P.
And if you're ever thinking to visit Prague around March, bring a winter jacket!!!

See you tommorow, with snaps from Czech Republic, Germany and France!
Have a lovely day!
Hugs x

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