Friday, 22 March 2013

Day 1 : Romania, Hungary

I'm back! I had an amazing time traveling with my mates around the Europe, and now it's time for new posts!
I will divide my trip in several posts, so it will be easier for me to share each experience.

I left my hometown on the 12th of March, at 4 AM. It was wonderful to discover some places in my country where I've never been, but also to visit another country for the first time.
The first photo was taken in Romania, near Cluj, and the others are in Budapest, where we arrived in the evening and where we spent the first night.

 We took a walk in town and saw the huge and really beautiful Parliament building, and after that we went up in the Fishermen's Bastion, where the view was completely amazing for a city lights' lover like me. See the photos below and you'll be convinced!
 For unknown reasons I actually like this one, where I was asking my friend if the bus that's leaving is ours. I panicked a bit, haha.

As you can see, my outfit really looks like one you dress up with at 4 in the morning, and my hair is not far from that.
Lots of thanks to my photographer, Christine P.!
See you tommorow with photos from Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic!
Have a good evening!
Hugs x

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