Friday, 18 July 2014

Trend report: jumpsuits

Hello, lovelies!
I have no self photos for you yet, so I'm here with a trend report with my absolutely fave summer clothing item.
I'm finally done with my exams, I passed them (party!), and my cute brother lent me his laptop to say hi with this post (if you speak Romanian, you should check out his blog, by the way).

Going back to the main idea of this post, I have for you some jumpsuit outfit ideas. Jumpsuits are a really good choice in multiple situations, and are really easy to be worn on all types of weather. Especially in the summer, they are the best way to get a stylish outfit with minimal effort.

The simple ones, in one color, are the easiest to accessorize, and they can fit multiple styles.

 Floral jumpsuits are really playful, and you are ready to go with them only (and shoes, of course).
 Classy lace jumpsuits, my faves from all of them, are an awesome choice for parties or special ocassions. And they are oh sooo hot!
Short, long, classy or casual, in multiple sizes or colors, jumpsuits are truly worth-to-buy items! Give them a try and you won't be disappointed!

Thank you for reading!
And, of course, thank you a lot for over 12k views!
See you soon (I hope)!


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