Thursday, 30 January 2014

Sweater weather

Hey there!
I'm only a year or so late. Not bad, huh? Since the last post, a looot of things happened: COAT is 2 years old, I turned 18 (yay) and I have a lot of other things that happened these moths while I was absent, and I'll try to post some pictures on the following week.
Today I have some pictures taken a few days ago by Christine P. (of course). We both got frooozen out there, but I think these photos were worth freezing for!

Typical us down here, haha.
Stradivarius coat and dress / Pinto sweater / Pull & Bear ring / my lil brother's beanie, lol 

This is, without doubt, my fave photo shooting so far!
 P.S. : thank you lots & lots for 10k views!

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