Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Life lately

I took a little break, because I was really busy with school, volunteering & some family issues. I decided that this post will be a 'life lately' one, so here you have some pictures from the last 3 months. 

Christine's birthday, in October

 My cutie deskmate and I

Halloween party no.1

 Halloween party no.2 (he's Vlad, my boyfriend, hi)

Juniors' prom, where I've been one of the organizers, as a senior-year student. 
(P.S. my hair sucks, arrgh, that lady from the salon definitely made the worst choice of her whole life, and I had no time to get something else done!)

With my boy at a St.Andrew's party

And, finally, a picture where I'm promoting our 'Let's remember Christmas' show! The NGO where I volunteer is organizing this show every year since 2010. And this year I'm the Snow Queen. Yaaay!


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