Friday, 23 August 2013

Day 5: France, Germany, Austria

In the 5th day of our trip, the main place to see was Munich. We left France early in the morning, and we had to arrive in Salzburg, Austria, the place where we spent our 5th night.
Munich is a great & busy place. We only had a couple of hours for shopping, but the only thing I actually cared about was to find Starbucks Coffee! And I did it.

 I had a cappuccino (with no sugar because I'm clumsy, but who cares? I was happy), then we went shopping for a while.

Finally, in the evening, we arrived in Austria, we had a greaaaat dinner and then I went straight to bed because I was really tired.
Tomorrow I'll be back with photos from Austria and Hungary.
Stay tuned!

Hugs x

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