Thursday, 13 September 2012

DIY : Cute shirt

I know. This summer I was completely off. Now I'm finally back, with (kind of) fresh forces and a new DIY idea for today: 

So the season changed and, as always, I got bored of my clothes. I had this plain and kind of boring denim shirt around, and adding little details seemed to be a good way to give it a fresh look (I think I used the word 'fresh' too much in this post..) Ok.
So, for this cute vintage shirt, you will need:
It's actually very simple. You just have to sew the material on the collar.

Then do the same thing with the head of the sleeves.
I put material on both parts of the sleeve, to be sure it will look ok if it laps.
And that's all. This is the final result. I love it!

Hope you liked my idea! See you soon!
Hugs x

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