Monday, 3 December 2012

Hello, December!

Helloooo, my lovelies!
I sincerely can't believe December is here already! Today I saw the first snow of the year and it was amazing. And there are just 21 days left until Christmaaaaaas! I can't wait!
I really, really want to visit London this Christmas, I'm just in love with that city, but I know I'm asking too much from Santa :( Wishes come true if you really want them to though, so I'll just keep hoping. But I wrote too much already, let's see some Decemberish photos to get you in the mood.

Here are some really, really cute items for this season!
First, winter themed leggings. I'm just in love, I really have to purchase a pair of those this winter.
Then we have knits (of course)!
...winter themed sweaters...
...aaand some more knits!

Oh, and to end this post...a very, very cute Christmas tag .

Have a great night everyone! Hugs, see you soon! x

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